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Finance Forms


District Accounting is requesting all employees to use the new Finance forms in order to process any financial transactions such as expense transfers, budget transfers, direct pays, travel reimbursements, and independent contractor invoices. The new forms listed below are in PDF "fill-in" format and are the only approved standard forms that Accounting will accept. The forms also include a section for you to enter the Index account as a shortcut instead of entering the entire FOAP string.

If you have any questions, request for modifications regarding the current approved forms, please contact Trena O'Connor at or Scottie McDaniel at and submit your request and form sample. Then, your request will be evaluated by the District's form standard review committee. Once the form passed the review, it will be posted for download and use.

For best results in using the new District forms, we recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro instead of Apple Preview.

In addition, since the District has purchased a site license agreement for Adobe Creative Suite of applications, you can now install the latest version of Acrobat Pro in your District computer. Acrobat Pro will provide you more flexibility in using these forms and will allow you to save your information. For more information about how to access the new Adobe applications, please see the ETS Getting Help page.

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Business Services Forms


Contracts/Agreements for Services Flow Chart



Accounting Forms


Request for changes to the Chart of Account - "FOAP"


Expense Transfer Forms

Expense Transfer Forms are used to request expenses to be transferred from one FOAP to another. Please attach a printed copy of the transaction in Banner showing the expense(s) to be transferred. The manager responsible for the FOAP that the expense is being transferred to must sign this completed form.


Budget Transfer Form

Budget Transfer Forms are used to request budget to be transferred from one Fund 114 to another.


Labor Redistribution Form

The purpose for using the Labor Redistribution Form is to make changes to an employee's existing labor charges.





Accounts Payable Forms


Most of the current vendors should be in the Banner system. If you can not find it in the self service or you know this is a new vendor, have the vendor complete the Vendor Information Form and W-9 Tax Form, and return them to Accounts Payable. This will help Accounts Payable to build the new vendor file and expedite your payment requests.


Direct Pay Form

This form replaces the Request for Check form and can be used when items are purchased directly from a vendor. This form must have the "original receipt or invoice" attached and should include the complete "FOAP" and the authorized administrator's signature. Forward the completed form, with the attached receipt/invoice to Accounting Services for reimbursement.


Travel Reimbursement

These forms can be used to reimburse approved travel-related expenses to district employees only.


Petty Cash Reimbursement

A petty cash fund serves as a revolving fund and may be established in a department when it can be demonstrated that a continuing cash advance should be kept on hand to permit the purchase of low-value (less than $100) supplies. Employee meals cannot be reimbursed using petty cash funds. Employee meals are to be reimbursed using a Trip Voucher. Purchases of food, other than employee meals, may be reimbursed using petty cash funds, provided they meet the low-value threshold noted above. Petty cash funds may be established in amounts up to $8,000, depending on the needs of the department. The Controller has the authority to increase the amount if warranted by the circumstances.

For more information about Petty Cash Procedures and forms, access the following documents:


Independent Contractor's Form

For more information regarding procedures for paying independent contractors, forms, and guidelines, visit the Independent Contractor's page.To submit payment requests for services rendered under these contracts, the following updated form should be included:

Wire Transfer Request Form
A wire transfer is another convenient method of electronic funds transfer between bank accounts and can be used to make payments to a person or vendors. You may need to provide the vendor's bank account number in one of several formats used by many domestic and international banks. Complete a Wire Transfer Request Form and attach appropriate documentation, such as an invoice or the vendor's wire instructions, then send the request to accounts payable for processing.