Business: Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements


When Trip Vouchers are submitted for a conference please include a copy of the conference schedule. Remember to record the start and end dates and beginning and ending times.

If per diem is claimed for a meal that is included as part of the conference fee, include an explanation from the supervisor as to why the meal should be reimbursed.

If employee pays for others, the names of whom they paid for are to be noted on the trip voucher.

We encourage employees to have the district pay for the cost of trips and conferences through the use of check requests or district ProCard.

For travel purposes, if an employee uses a personal credit card to purchase hotel/motel, airfare or conference fees, a reimbursement will not be issued until after the date of the trip along with proof of payments.

Do not include your Social Security Number on the Trip Voucher.

Claims for reimbursement are to be submitted within 90 calendar days following the trip. Claims for expenses incurred in the months of April, May, or June must be submitted by July 15. Please note that claims from a prior fiscal year will not be paid.

Additional travel information and guidelines can be access at:

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