Business: Apple IPad And Other Hand Held Computing Devices

Apple iPad and other Hand Held Computing Devices


Information about the Purchase of the Apple iPad and other Hand-Held Computing Devices

With the release of the Apple iPad and other hand held computing devices, there are some questions about the proper steps for acquiring these devices using District funds including grants.

The District does not currently support these devices, however, they are under evaluation. For more information, contact your college Tech Taskforce representative.

If you have acquired the appropriate approval to purchase one of these hand held devices, the process is the same as if you were purchasing a computer. A purchase requisition needs to be created. Please consult your department administrative assistant or your campus FFE Coordinator for additional assistance.

These devices are computers and therefore need to be inventoried, tagged and tracked by ETS. Therefore, upon arrival at the District, they are to be first delivered to ETS then distributed to the requester. With the iPad 2, free engraving is available and each iPad is to be engraved with the following:

Foothill-De Anza CC District

For the Apple iPad, one model includes cellular data networking. If this model is chosen, the user of the device will be responsible for working out the monthly payment details with their manager.