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Staff Contacts


Nancy Chao
Payroll Supervisor
Phone: (650) 949-6262
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: chaonancy@fhda.edu

* All payroll related Issues

Rachelle Licon
Payroll Technician, Senior
Phone: (650) 949-6265
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: liconrachelle@fhda.edu

* Full-time Faculty and Executive Administrator payroll
* Banner testing & implementation
* STRS reconciliation and reporting
* STRS Exception Report handling
* Earning, Deduction and Benefit Codes maintenance
* Payroll to Finance Interface handling
* Month-end payroll processor, payroll summary and County wire transfers
* W2 Reconciliation at mid-month

Hong Nguyen
Payroll Technician, Senior
Phone: (650) 949-6263
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: nguyenhong@fhda.edu

* Part-time Faculty payroll
* Mid-Month Payroll processing, payroll summary and County wire transfers
* Web-Time-Entry Payroll Administration
* Banner testing & implementation backup
* Earning, Deduction and Benefit Codes maintenance backup
* PARS and STRS-CB reconciliation and reporting
* W2 Reconciliation at month-end
* PERS & STRS reporting support
* Suspense account clearance

Ly Luu
Payroll Technician II
Phone: (650) 949-6257
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: luuly@fhda.edu

* Classified employee & Program and Educational Administrator payroll
* Liquid Office time sheet handling
* Direct Deposit and Out-of-State Employee Reconciliation
* PERS Reconciliation and Reporting
* PERS Exception Report handling
* Payroll web maintenance

Minh Thai
Payroll Technician II (Temp)
Phone: (650) 949-6115
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: thaiminh@fhda.edu

* 403(b), 457, State tax withholding change updates, and all other voluntary deductions updates
* Garnishments, Levies, 403(b), 457 reconciliation, reporting and remittance
* Wire transfers and direct pay request for month-end and mid-month payroll deductions
* PERS Reconciliation for temporary employee and Classified Hourly Employees
* Supplemental payroll reconciliation
* Student, Temporary employees and Classified Hourly prior period payroll handling
* Self-Service Banner helpdesk
* Month-end voluntary deduction batch request and out-of-state tax direct pay requests
* Incoming mail distribution
* W2 replacement for terminated employees
* Stale dated warrant handling
* Returned warrant handling
* Payroll issues router

Thuy Pham
Payroll Support (Temporary)
Phone: (650) 949-6115
Fax: (650) 949-2919
Email: phamthanh_thuy@fhda.edu

* Faculty leave reports
* Extra-time at other departments handling

Other payroll related contacts and Employment Verification

Employment Verifications
Full-Time Faculty & ClassifiedRay Sarria(650) 949-6289
Part-Time Faculty Campus PayrollSee reference below
Foothill Campus PayrollDebbie Haynes(650) 949-7204
De-Anza Campus PayrollPatty Jobs(408) 864-8711
Foothill Campus PersonnelGigi Gallagher(650) 949-7454
De-Anza Campus PersonnelCynthia Smith(408) 864-8260
Full-Time Faculty and Program Administrators
District PersonnelAnna Luna/Patti Conens(650) 949-6219/6220
Classified Staff and Program Administrators
DistrictPersonnelAraceli Kalingara/Kris Lestini(650) 949-6251/6222
Temporary and Classified Hourly Employees
DistrictPersonnelThuy Quach(650) 949-6221
Foothill Students
Campus Financial AidChristine Johnson(650) 949-7470
De-Anza Students
Campus Financial AidDawna O'Malley(408) 864-8368



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