Business: Payroll Forms

Payroll Forms


Please download the PDF file, and submit the completed form to the District Payroll Office.

403(b) TSA Contract Form (403b and Roth 403b)

457(b) SRA Contract Form (457b and Roth 457b)

Tax sheltered Annuity (TSA) cancellation form request (403b and Roth 403b)

PARS Refund

Faculty Leave Exceptions Form

Deduction Form

Reissue W 2 request (terminated employees only)

Other Links: Go to Direct Deposit Authorization Update or New

Sign up for direct deposit or change your current accounts allocation with ease.---No limit to number of accounts.---You may have check and direct deposit combination.---Change of allocation processed 15 days before pay date will take effect in same paycycle.---No more trips to the bank.---Pay advice emailed to your fhda email address approx 3 working days before pay date---Log-in at and go to Employee Web Services to access menu.Please note: Your direct deposit authorization requires two pay cycles (months) to become active.

Go to FEDERAL: Form W-4 Update

STATE: Form DE-4