Business: FAQ’S on Invoice for Services Rendered Form

FAQ’S on Invoice for Services Rendered Form

One time service or event up to $999.00 recurring (multiple payments) must be on a Purchase Order.

Backup Requirements:

Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) or Vendors Agreement, W9, Original Invoice if provided.

What types of payments can I submit on an Invoice for Services Rendered Form?

(List is not all-inclusive)


Art Models

Attorney Fees

Bank Service Fees

Catering Services

Celebrity Forum Speakers

Equipment Rental



Graphic Design

Interpretation Services

Mailing Services


Overseas Recruitment Advertising

Printing Services

Speaking Engagements

Flint Center Ushers

Video Services

Visiting Artist Lecture and Demonstration



My vendor wants payment upfront, is that possible?

No, we do not prepay for services, once the services are complete payment can be made.

I have everything I need from the vendor can I submit it early to Accounts Payable?

Yes, we will include a due date when we process it of the scheduled completion date of the services.

Why do you need a W9?

Accounts Payable use the IRS TIN Match Program to verify the TIN/SS of the vendor to avoid IRS penalties at calendar year end when we file our 1099’s.  Having the completed W9 ensures we have the correct information when issuing the vendor’s 1099 for their taxes.

What if my vendor does not have a Social Security number?

They can apply for one using the IRS form SS-4.  If they cannot provide one by law, we are required to withhold 28% on their payments and report the withholding and payee information on IRS form 1042-S.

Can I use my vendors agreement instead of the District’s ICA?

Yes, as long as the terms and dates of the service that is to be provided is clearly outlined and both parties have signed. 

May I use the Invoice for Services Rendered Form to pay a Student Award, Cash Payment or Prize (previously referred to as a stipend)? (W9 is required if approved, as this is reportable income for tax purposes)

It depends on the payment nature and circumstances and requires review and approval from one of the following:

Executive Director, Fiscal Services, Vice President, Finance & College Operations, Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services, Executive Director, FHDA Foundation.

What if my vendor does not have an invoice?

The Invoice for Services Rendered form will serve as the invoice and Accounts Payable will use the date of the service as the invoice number.

My Purchase Order has been closed and it’s passed the date when Purchasing will allow a Change Order.  Can I use the Invoice for Services Form to pay the remaining invoices from the current fiscal year?

Yes, this is one of the few exceptions that Accounts Payable and Purchasing allows.