Business: FGITBSR: How To Read Your Fund Balance

FGITBSR: How to read your Fund Balance



Instructions to query your fund balancesin the Self-Sustaining Fund - Fund 115,Foundation Funds - Fund 84and other funds. 

In INB, first go to form name: FGITBSRfrom the main menu and enter

1Enter uppercase letter "C"for Chart of Accounts

2Enter the 6 digit fund code

3Make sure you are in the correct Fiscal Year and go to Blockfrom the menu then select "Next"

4The combination of accounts that begin with "97xx"represent your Beginning Fund Balance. Keep in mind "D"is negative and "C"is positive.

In this example:

9700                   - 10,933.30

9715                  + 11,393.32

Total Beginning  -------------

Fund Balance:  =460.02

5The Current Fund Balance represents your Current Year-to-Date Fund Balance.